TOLLR (Client: Intag Technologies Private Limited, India)

World's first toll payment system using "IoT-Connected Vehicle" platform


Tollr is the world’s first App to be developed using IoT-Connected Vehicles” platform, where the connected vehicle pays the toll automatically to the toll authority based on the toll usage without any human intervention. Tollr also has seamlessly integrated mobile app interface for paying the tolls, when a non-IoT vehicle uses the toll road.

Key Features

  • Geo Fencing is used to fence the toll points
  • Location specific services are integrated using on board GPS technology and navigation facilities
  • Mobile payment gateway is integrated with each vehicle, which allows to pay the toll as soon as the vehicle passes the designated geo fence
  • Tollr vehicle is connected to Tollr Cloud, which integrates with multiple toll road authorities, which alleviates the interoperability issues
  • Tollr Cloud will provide data analytics and information dashboard for road users, toll authorities and govt agencies to monitor and manage the toll road usage


Technologies Used